Play Kreative Children Eye Finger Puppets - 12 Pack - 2" Plastic Eye Peeper Ring

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  • AN EYE-CATCHING carnival prize for young aspiring puppeteers. This collection of finger puppets features a pair of FLOATING EYES THAT MOVE around. These Finger Eye Puppets turn your hand into an instant puppet...ANY TIME!
  • This plastic, brightly colored set of eyes slips over your finger up to the first knuckle to form an instant face. These colorful assorted Eye Finger Puppets are ideal to promote creative learning and have some fun with your little ones. Teach them about different colors and shapes, and make them a funny puppet show!
  • PERFECT FOR - Themed parties, celebrations, party favors, party bag stuffers and gift Ideas for kids. Kids will love playing with these eye peepers. Include them in goody bags at birthday parties! These are fun to stuff in goody bags and will add a fantastic touch to your classroom rewards chest, too. Tired of same old party favors? Drive your little guests insane with these goofy colorful little eye peeper Puppets. Use as birthday party favors, fill in goody bags or piñatas!
  • Package Contents: Pack of 12. Assorted Eye puppet Finger rings