Fake Cockroach - Play Kreative TM

You can hear her/his hysterical screams! Like: there is a cockroach in my Soup! When one fake cockroach isn't enough! You can plant these babies all over the house and pretend your house is infested! Better yet, pile them up inside a cabinet door and watch them cascading out when the door is opened by your victim.

  • 12- fake prank novelty cockroachs. - looks real to fool your friends!
  • Realistic looking cockroach is sure to give a scare!
  • This is a wicked gag at parties. Scatter them across the buffet table to shock the guests.
  • Put them in any drawer for a yucky surprise. You will know when someone finds them!
  • Each cockroach is approximately1. 5" long. It's time to have fun!