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Costumes and Accessories

There are all kinds of fun choices for classic kids costumes and Accessories. Little boys will get a kick out of being a pirate, pilot, policeman, firefighter, astronaut and more. We've got the classic Halloween Accessories that will get their imaginations going with Halloween costumes. Including the wild west, witches and princesses. Get your Hats, Glasses, Wigs, Glow in the dark, Mustaches and Fake cigars for a Fun Disguise Party!

Sparkle Unicorn Horn Hat  - Pack of 8
Mardi Gras Purple Fedora Sold out
Play Kreative Red Squid Costume Party Hat - Sold out
Play Kreative Green Squid Costume Party Hat -
Play Kreaetive Blue Squid Costume Party Hat -
Western Cowboy Cowgirl Hat - (Brown) - Play Kreative TM - Sold out
Western Cowboy Cowgirl Hat - (Light Brown) - Play Kreative TM - Sold out
Red Firefighter Hat - 12pk - Play Kreative -
Funny Chicken Rooster Hat - Sold out
Straw Cowboy Cowgirl Costume Hat - Play Kreative -
Captain Pilot Hat - Play Kreative - Sold out
Kids Pirate Captain Hat - 12 pack - Play Kreative TM -